Your message is important, and life is too short to put up with half-assed attempts at getting it across. Whether you need an entire website rewritten, a press release drafted from scratch, a brochure worded just-so or a profile for that important thing to make you look good, finding the right words for the job is essential. Tone is important, too. You know, that way of getting the point across that doesn’t come off sounding like a pompous robot attempting to speak human?

What I Offer

Blog posts, website content, print copywriting, media releases, biographies, proof-reading, refinement, SEO and other content are just some of the things I offer. If you need freelance copywriting to get your message out there, send me a mail to get a quote. I’ll even share some of my favourite copywriter jokes.

Otherwise, use the menu on the left to find out more about who I am, what I offer and all the rest of that other stuff you probably want to know.