Choosing a Freelance Copywriter

Choosing a freelance copywriter can seem daunting for those outsourcing for the first time. Whether you need someone to help you create content for a website, or someone to proof an urgent document – handing over the responsibility of a project is never easy the first time.

Choosing The Right Freelance Copywriter


Hiring a Freelance Writer? Read This.

To ensure that the final result meets your expectations, a good freelance copywriter should be able to give you the following:

1. A reasonable time-line for first draft – if you have to wait two weeks for 2 pages of content, this may be a problem.

2. Included re-writes if these are needed – copywriters should allow for any changes, and include a limited number of re-writes in the estimate/invoice.

3. Professionalism and friendliness – approachability, attitude and overall ‘niceness’ should mandatory when dealing with any client.

4. Prompt replies to queries and emails – delays can happen, but generally you should receive replies within a day or so at the very most.

5. Realistic expectations of limitations – if they can’t do development, they shouldn’t promise to build you a website from scratch.

6. Reasonable rates within industry market standards – do your research and find out the average rates of freelance copywriters before you agree to their quote.

7. A good work ethic – fair, reasonable, hard-working and reliable are all much-needed traits of a good copywriter.

8. Good work samples – samples presented on their portfolio should reflect the quality of their work.

9. Experience and the right skills – if you are unsure, ask them how many years they have been in the game.

10. Recommendations and references – look them up on LinkedIn, ask around and see if they can offer references of past work.

Once you’ve found the best freelance copywriter for the job, you can be sure that your content is in good hands – leaving you free to focus on the important stuff, like sales and business.


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