Content strategy plays an essential role in your online success. In addition to content creation, I also offer strategic services for those who need guidance. If you want to get the most out of your existing content, plan future content that aligns with your goals or get expert assistance in perfecting your content strategies, I am here to help.

Content Strategy

With many years of experience in crafting content across a variety of mediums – including digital and print – my mission in life is to rid the world of bad copy, while helping you improve the quality of your content from the inside out.

How do I do that? I’m so glad you asked.

Freelance Content Strategy Solutions

From keyword research that gets your content on target in the search engines, to the creation of custom style guides for your business; content strategies for blog, websites and social channels; content audits; best practice guides; writing help or even real-world advice for new freelancers or junior copywriters, I bring my extensive experience to the table with specialised consulting services.

This option is ideal for those who…

  1. Have a copywriter on board, but need a little direction in getting a content plan together
  2. Prefer to do things alone, and want an easy to follow strategy for blogs and/or websites
  3. Don’t have the budget for a copywriter, but desperately need content advice 
  4. Want to improve current content with the help of an in-depth audit
  5. Want to make the leap from blogger to copywriter but don’t know how to start
  6. Have a gazillion questions about copywriting, and no sounding board in sight
  7. Want to get serious about getting a cohesive strategy into place for blog, website and social
  8. Wish to eventually take over the steering wheel but need to be pointed in the right direction
  9. Have no clue how to get that blog up and running
  10. Need a style guide that unifies all written communication across the board

Looking for help getting your blog content going? The Blog to Go blog content plan might be just what you are looking for… this plan offers three packages, each designed to give you guidance on keywords, meta data and blog post ideas.

Head on over to the Blog to Go page to find out more about this package!

Content consulting and strategy is best suited to small businesses and individuals who want help getting content on track. I offer one-on-one Skype/phone consults, email consults, worksheets, guides and other flexible remote solutions at affordable hourly and/or project rates.  Keen to learn more about kick-starting your content?

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