Copywriting Services Focus: Press Releases

If you are not sure whether press releases should be considered in copywriting services, here is something to think about.

Picture this for a second…

You’ve got an exciting launch coming up and you want the world to know – how do you get your thrilling news out there? It’s simple – a well-written release will help you spread the word on any new developments, gaining your company more exposure and setting the tone for your launch.

Copywriting Services Focus - Press Releases


Copywriting Services: Online Press Releases

Traditionally, press releases were handled by Public Relations or Communications agencies, who also dealt with local media on all channels to get your press release out there. These days however, they can be written and sent online and offline, by a copywriter who is able to get your message across.

Here is an example of how online press releases work their mojo:

1. Press release for the launch of Pink Poodle sale is written and sent to client for approval
2. Release is approved by client
3. Release is submitted to a range of newswire services
4. Within a few hours to a few days, the release is distributed to news engines include Google, Yahoo! and MSN
5. Press release gains exposure on all major news engines

It doesn’t stop there however. With a targeted approach, this press release can also be submitted to the right people at relevant online media. So if you’re in the Pink Poodle business, you can bet that editors of every single high ranking poodle website are receiving your breaking news, right to their inbox.

Plus, with the added wonders of SEO in press releases, you can hit those search rankings in a big way when your news breaks. It’s a win win situation all round – your customers are getting the news, and you are getting exposure. That, my friends is why this is considered one of the most powerful copywriting services.


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