Copywriting Services Spotlight: Editing

So you’ve written a few pages for your website, proposal, book or other documentation, and you think it’s pretty good. How do you ensure that it is error-free and grammar perfect? You consult an experienced proofreader or editor, or a copywriter who has experience in copywriting services such as editing and proofreading.

Copywriting Services Spotlight - Editing

Copywriting Services for Fine Tuning Your Content

Proofreading, editing, refining and rewriting all sound the same, but in reality, there are a few teeny differences that set them apart. Some of the ways that content can be fine tuned and tweaked include:

* Proofreading:

This is checking for typos, grammar issues, formatting issues and any other errors. Changes are not stylistic however, but attention to detail is vital to ensure that every sentence is 100%.

* Editing:

This includes proofing, but also style. If a sentence could be improved, then small changes are made for better readability and style, to ensure a well-written piece of work on all fronts.

* Refinement:

This is taking existing work, optimising it for search engines, editing where necessary, bulking up if the word count is low or neatening up if it is too long.

* Rewriting:

This is taking existing content and rewriting it to read better, whether for search engines or humans. This is ideal for clients who want to bring across specific information but are not experienced writers and require a writer to ‘translate’ their information to read well.

The main point of proofing, editing or any of these services mentioned is to ensure that your website or document is free from errors, well-written and professional to send out the right message to your audience. Just like you wouldn’t do a DIY job on website design or brochures unless you had the right experience and expertise, content editing should also be handled by someone with the know-how and experience to ensure a job well done.


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